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On Suffrage and Suffering

November 2, 2009 Leave a comment

“Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite.” (Joseph De Maistre, 1753-1821) which literally translates to, “Every nation has the government which it deserves” has been in my mind ever since I read about Le Cirque, Bobby Van’s, and Pres. GMA’s gustatory adventures. I humbly submit that this quote is applicable (valid?) to our country’s situation for two reasons. One, the poor and/or uneducated voters would vote for any candidate who: doles out a few bucks (I still don’t understand why they can’t just promise to do it and then turn around and vote with their conscience. Are we really that honest?), or issues grandiose statements that range from alleviating poverty to curing cancer. Two, a lot (if not most) of educated citizens are apathetic. I have had conversations with my friends who refuse to vote or take any part in the political process and I almost always end up frustrated because they refute anything I say with pronouncements like, “Wala namang mangyayari kahit na bumoto ako, sayang lang ang oras ko!” or “Kahit sino pa ang maupo e mangungurakot lang ‘yan.” It is quite apparent that they have been jaded, which I understand, but at this point, I usually get too emotional and accuse them of treason and I suppress the urge to bellow, “Off with their heads!” and “Hoy, mahiya ka, ang taumbayan kaya ang nagpa-aral sa iyo!” if they hailed from U.P. Quite frankly, I am not equipped to handle either case.

The recent disasters and the government’s lackadaisical (no, despicable) show of recovery and relief efforts should be proof positive that we need, if not deserve, better leadership. Whenever I bring it up, however, I am met with the usual response of “Tama na ‘yan, walang magagawa ang sisihan,” which is quite reflective of our culture. But how else would we ponder and make a better choice after committing egregious errors? After we have overcome these trials and tribulations, can you please stop and think hard before you cast a vote? That is, if you’re going to vote, of course. If you take a look at the front runners among the presidentiables, Sec. Gilbert Teodoro had the perfect opportunity to prove himself by simply taking charge. After all, he has the resources of the government at his disposal, not to mention the now-known fact that he can commandeer a helicopter, that is if he was really serious about rescuing anybody besides his own family. Then came the buzz about GMA’s lavish expenditures and the allegedly missing P800M emergency funds and now, the grand LWUA bash feted by Pichay purportedly to impress his big boss.

According to the articles I’ve read, the “wais” Manny Villar was probably the first one to take action by dispatching (conspicuously labeled?) dump trucks and distributing relief goods. People, however, were quick to douse him with a cold shower of Marikina floodwater by taking pictures of said props, este, accoutrements and thusly implied criticism (Can you say cynical?). Like I said: “wais.” He wouldn’t be that rich if he didn’t know how to take advantage of any opportunity that presented itself. If you think about it, he and Willie Revillame are a perfect tandem of people who are expert at taking advantage of anything and anybody.

I do not know what to say about Noynoy in this regard. Has anybody even asked him about his mother’s CARP crap and the farmers who were gunned down? (Do yourself a favor and read Man, the temerity to get in front of the camera and proclaim his candidacy. Now that’s what I call cojones. I think only Bongbong Marcos can stand next to this guy. Oops, now that I think about it, I don’t think this will be such a good idea. Back to the topic at hand… what has he done besides meet with Erap to discuss the 2010 polls? Not only that, what has he really accomplished?

Erap, Chiz, Jamby, and Lacson? Please. They need their heads checked and their egos exorcised (not just excised).

But, as in elections past, who else? Are my friends who shun suffrage right in the end? Do we really want to leave this important decision up to everybody else? I think it is time for Bishop Bert Mercado and Nicanor Perlas to show their mettle and show us that there are better alternatives. After all, better is what we deserve.