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Bloomin’ Apps

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Share that screen!

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Triptico Interactive Toolkit

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Numberlines is an interactive number line web app for interactive whiteboards, touchscreen devices, or any computer:

Click on the image or go to:

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10,000 Teachers Speak Out

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Dear Jeff,

How long is a teacher’s actual work day?

Do most teachers support tenure? After how many years?

What do teachers think is the best way to improve student achievement?

How should teachers be evaluated? How often?

10,000 teachers have shared their views on education.

See what they have to say and add your own voice.

Scholastic and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would like to invite you to be among the very first to see and comment on the Primary Sources 2012 results. You can see if you agree with your peers about the biggest challenges facing education by downloading the report and taking a brief survey. Do their solutions match yours? 

In this year’s survey report entitled Primary Sources: America’s Teachers on the Teaching Profession, teachers share their thoughts and opinions about the state of their classrooms, about school and teacher performance and the ways it should be evaluated, supported, and rewarded. 

Teachers talk about the realities of class size, about Common Core State Standards, and about how the needs of their students are different than they were five years ago. 

Join the teacher conversation about Primary Sources on Facebook, tweet comments using #teachervoices, and make your opinion count!

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Mad 4 Maths!

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Here’s a great cartoon-based site for teachers, students, and parents for practicing math skills:

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Happy Birthday, Cat in the Hat!

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